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Loans help us pay for the things we truly need. 
They help families pay for a new roof over their head, help individuals pay for a new car to get around and help farmers stay up on production with newer and faster machinery. That’s why the staff at Karetta Finance find our job rewarding—so rewarding, in fact, that Peter Smith has worked in the banking and finance industry for more than three decades. 

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Home Loans
Basic Home Loans (No-Frills Loan)
  • Usually offers a low variable interest rate with little or no regular fees
  • Often targeted to people who don’t envision any major lifestyle changes in the future
Variable Interest Rate Loans
  • Include repayment periods of up to 30 years
  • Typically used by home buyers
  • Usually include offset, facility, redraw and more
  • Interest rate is always higher than basic home loans 
Fixed Interest Rates
  • Allows you to fix the interest rate you borrow at for anywhere from one to five years (some lenders might offer 10-15 year terms)
'Honeymoon' Loan
  • Lower interest rates compared to standard fixed or variable rates for the initial period of the loan before rolling over to the standard rates 
Redraw Facility
  • Enables you to put additional funds into the loan to bring down the principal amount and cut down on interest charges
Line of Credit/Equity Line
  • Pre-approved limit of money you can borrow all at once or in doses
  • Flexible
  • Can help to lower mortgages rather quickly
  • Typically require you, as the borrower, to offer your house as a security for the loan
All In One Accounts
  • Works as an account where all your income is deposited into the account, and all your expenses are taken out of the account
  • Reduce the amount owed and interest payments 
  • One-stop shop for your loan, cheque, credit and savings accounts
100% Offset Account
  • Money is paid into an account (offset account) that’s linked to the loan
  • Income is deposited into the account which you use for your EFTPOS, cheque, internet banking and credit transactions 
Rural Loans
(Overdraft, loan accounts, debtor finance, lines of credit and more)
  • Loan structuring with fixed or variable interest rate options 
  • Flexible loan terms 
  • Use of sub-accounts
Chattel Mortgage
  • The bank will take a mortgage over the assets you buy as security 
  • If you’re an ABN holder, you may be eligible to claim full GST back in your next BAS as well as claiming depreciation.*
Hire Purchase
  • Helps you save on capital outlay on acquiring assets 
  • Possible tax advantages like depreciation or claiming interest 
  • Lender has full ownership of the asset until the final payment is made 
  • Conserve working capital for your business without holding up any funds in depreciation assets 
  • Lender keeps the title of the asset until an offer to purchase is made at the end of the contract 
*This will depend on your individual circumstances. We recommend you seek Professional advice.

Disclaimer: This document is for information purposes only, and must not be relied upon as a substitute for professional services or legal advice.
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